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Buying a home is a substantial financial commitment and investment of your time. Being anxious about purchasing a house is normal.  You may wonder if you have found the right home and be hesitant to take that next step to make an offer.

So, how can you be confident you have found the right house?

Like indicators on your car dashboard, there are fundamental indicators you should watch for to help you know you have found the right house.

  1. It feels like love at first sight – While it is not always the case, many home buyers know the right home as soon as they see it from the street. It is appealing to their tastes and invites them to enter and explore. Pay attention to how you feel when you first enter the Does the house feel warm and inviting? You should feel comfortable exploring each of the rooms. It should feel like home.
  2. The house meets your needs – Before you started your home search, you should have created a list of non-negotiables; things you must-have in your new home. So, how does this house stack up? If the house meets the majority of requirements on your list, this may be the right house.
  3. You can see your furniture in the home – Another great indicator you have found the right house is when you being picturing your furnishings in the new home. If you are doing a ‘mental move-in’ and are already planning decorations for your new home, you may have found the right house.
  4. You feel possessive of the home – A key indicator that you have found the right house is when you feel possessive of the house. You cannot imagine living anywhere else. This home is not just another house on your list; this is your house. It is your home!
  5. You do not want to look at other homes – One great way to know that you have found the right house is that you do not want to continue searching for homes. You will begin comparing other homes on your list to a particular house you visited; a good indication that you have found the right home.
  6. You feel excited – You will experience a burst of excitement when you find the right home. You cannot wait to share the house with your friends and family.
  7. You cannot stop thinking about the house – You did a walk through with the agent, a follow-up meeting in the home with questions, you have driven by the home at least three times this week, and find yourself thinking about a particular house every waking moment of the day! You probably have found the right house.

Think about your home search while your review this list of key indicators.  What was your experience as you visited each home? If there a particular home you responded to more than others, this may be the right house for you!